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Board Connections of Rochester Women's Network is an initiative that supports our members in their efforts to secure positions on Boards of Directors, as well as identify volunteer opportunities/positions for Not-for-Profit organizations. This important program supports our ongoing commitment to provide members with opportunities to advance professionally and personally.

Board Connections provides opportunities for RWN members to contribute more effectively to the Rochester Community by helping to connect RWN members who are seeking board positions to Not-For-Profit organizations that are seeking Board members.

For Individuals
RWN sends an email to members when a request is made by a Not-For-Profit organization for board members. The posting will provide information about the organization, a description of the available volunteer position, and any other pertinent information. Interested individuals may contact the organization directly.

For Not-for-Profit Organizations
Not-for-profit organizations must fill out a Board Connections form highlighting their current board vacancy requirements. The information provided will be e-mailed to the RWN membership and posted on the RWN website for the membership to view. Interested individuals will contact the Not-for-profit organization directly. Follow-up with these candidates is the responsibility of the organization. Click here for a board vacancy form to be printed.  Email completed form to RWN at
(If you perfer, you may mail the information to RWN, 249 Highland Ave, Rochester, NY 14620).

Positions will be posted on the website for 60 days. If the organizations wishes to maintain the posting on the website for an additional 30 days, e-mail

If you are interested in posting volunteer opportunities please complete the Volunteer form and then follow the instructions above.

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